“What do you write?”

“Erotic romance,”

“Oh, well i dont read Porn.”

…Yep. After i bang my head on the desk and wonder what is wrong with the universe i try and come up with an answer. I usually find that these are based on what i know about the person. Men, women, romance readers, fantasy readers. I have to explain a whole genre to them in about 5 seconds. I think the issue people have are two different ones. The first is the perception that Romances are just lot of swooning and internal monologue. The second is the preconception around the term, Erotic. I usually have to explain that it is just another heat level. Sweet, sexy, hot, steaming, erotic. ImageThey range from holding hands, kissing, light touching, sex but glossed over, hot sex, adventurous (Bondage, menage etc). We have to label it so that people know not to give it to their 16year old grandchild for christmas! Its the same as rating movies, P, PG, M, MA.

Here are some others i have come up with.

Its like Lord of the Rings but with like 4 sex scenes

Its just a romance with more frank language.

It just doesnt gloss over the good bits.

Twilight but where they have sex twice and i describe it rather than saying, they went into the bedroom…

Then we have the other wonderful question. Where do you get your ideas? Well, where do you get your ideas? Is usually my response. My brain, for one lol This answer doenst usually work so i have come up with others because of course they think im writing about my own life…folks im not that flexible or that adventurous! Lets put it this pay, you see two people on a bus, image whats going to happen for the rest of their day, add a werewolf, thats your story! Its not complicated to get ideas, making them entertaining is another matter. So:

Images, TV, something i see, a sentence, a conversation, a bird in a tree, a near accident on the way to work, a breakup story from a friend, holidays, staring blankly out the window wondering what i will have for dinner. We think all the time, i just record those thoughts on paper 🙂