For those who dont watch Tens, The block. There is a couple on it who are really creative. Sophie, makes alot of her artwork and light fixtures and I just love them. 


So i have been thinking about book art. 

I have tried my hand at it several times with good results but most of them i leave to the experts. I love this one in the jar, it looks like some kind of sea creature trying to escape.


 Often my arty ideas are left on the wayside because i dont have the tools or money to make them come alive. I had an idea for a lamp made of books, but how would i drill a hole though 50 odd books? 

Not to mention wiring it. Besides the fact that we are defiling books and it makes me cringe to think of destroying a book its still something that takes an ordinary object and gives it new life rather than it ending out as landfill. Image