This is going to be a bit of an odd post because im in an odd mood. A friend recently had a frog escaping the heat in her basement. After a few says she managed to catch  and release. I have had some interesting and cute encounters in my life and have read about several more. They always manage to make me smile, even when they freak me out!

My mother swears that her cats down the coast keep catching Bilbies. For those who dont know these are endangered little creatures that look kind of like big fluffy rats with big ears. I dont belive her but its still an interesting story lol She also has large lizards that only like to come out when you arnt watching where you are walking. In my house over the years i have had frogs, lizards, a very tame magpie, and a very pissed off blue tounged lizard that got stuck in the fence and bit me when i tried to get it out (i promptly got a big stick and poked it till it got unstuck).

I have seen on the news however people who had a kangaroo in their house (they can be very agressive when scared and are about as big as a person so this was news worthy!) And a wombat who made its home in a drainage pipe. During the bushfires my mother chased a small creature that i thought looked like a 5inch tall emu (no idea what it actually was as Emus are about 7foot and dont live in Canberra) she chassed it across the road claiming to be checking if it was ok 😛 There were also alot of reports of Koala’s venturing into peoples homes looking for water, there is a great shot of one walking right up to a firefighter and drinking from his water bottle (I have never heard of one approaching humans before this). It seemed that the extreme heat was making them smell out water, no matter where it came from. None of the photos on here were posed or doctored, just nature at its most vunerable. I think this is a great example of humans helping animals.

Whats the wierdest animal encounter you have ever had?