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Ok, im doing a movie review, i never do this but i watched a classic tonight and folks, classic it was! Backdraft, for those who havent seen it, is about two brothers who after their father dies( in a fire) take up his mantle and also become firefighters. There is an arsonst and the younger brother leaves the active brigade to join the hunt for evidence to find the firebug.

ImageThis movie is full of one liners and corny parts. Can anyone say slow motion 😀 There is alot of ‘God dammit man!” and montages of firemen hosing themselves down and dragging children out of fires. Its basically a movie version of a firemen’s calender. Its also a classic portrayal of how to make a movie aimed at women. Yep, my man watched it with me and although he found it entertaining for the manly axe hauling and running into burning buildings, he didnt get the whole saviour thing. These men not only ran into burning buildings but out again, without a scratch, with a child who was in an inferno but strangely is also fine and not even slightly charred. Then when they get out side they all drop to their knees and pour buckets of water over their heads in slow motion. Yeah, it was pure eye candy. Especially the high wasted, stone washed, tight jeans (what were the 1990’s thinking!).

So really have movies of today changed much? People still get shot at for about an hour and never get hit, they have a training montage or two and always save the children. And, the resident hunk never gets a scratch on his pritty face 🙂

Reading this over my shoulder is my man and he assures me he gets the whole saviour thing, he just wasnt into the eye candy part 😛