So, back in the day to retreat was a sign of cowardliness, to run away!

These days the retreat is a sign of wealth, of intelligence. The retreat can be any place of refuge, of relaxation and of getting away from it all. I believe the term has similar origins from the original. It is a place you can hide when you run away from stressful things, work, kids, a clock. Following this logic the writers retreat never really made sense to me. The point of a retreat is to get away from work, not to focus on it. A friend recently bought a property as her writers retreat. I would love to own it, get a few chickens, start a garden. But frankly im still not getting the whole writers part. Inspiration is not pure silence for me. If i have others around i have to talk to them so the group retreat would also not work. If i have the TV running continuously and access to the internet for inspirational picture searching then i’m all set. Like wise give me a 5star hotel with free spa access and ill be inspired 😛

So to retreat, or not to retreat. What do you think?