I have been told on several occasions that i have to make my characters loveable. I have to make the audience sympathise with them. But do i really? Lets take a look at some widely popular characters and stories. First and foremost, Wuthering Heights, horrible horrible little characters who were horrible to each other. Sure they loved each other but in essance they werent nice people and one of the most popular romances of all time. Next, Game of thrones. Well lets face it folks, no one in that show is nice. they are quick to judge, backstab (literaly) and behead. I keep saying oh i hope she doesnt die, next episode, yep she gets poisned by hyer brother (im making this up so i dont create spoilers). But you know what, we love it!


I wrote one story where my heroine was the bad guy. I wanted to show that no one is actually evil and everyone thinks they are doing the right thing even if others question it. Hitler for example thought he was doing the right thing, so did many others, today however we see him as evil becasue we didnt agree with his beliefs. In the end i had to scrap the story because i made my crit partner hate my heroine so much that she didnt want to read on. Not a success.

So i have decided there has to be a balance. Sure we can hate them, Draco Malfoy, but in essence we love them. Their are full bodied characters who bring a dimension to the story. Sure my heroine can go around killing babies adn every one thinks she is evil. But what if those babies were actually reborn daemons and she is trying to save the world. Everyone else thinks she is evil but she knows she isnt. See what i mean? there is such a fine line that it is hard to get right. Those who have do it wonderfully, who felt sorry for the bad kid in the Karate kid when his master turned on him? He was the bad guy yet we still felt for him when something bad happened to him. 

And there my friends lays the line.