I got to thinking about marketing today. I went into Aesop (a natural skin care shop) and was blown away. Not only is it beautifully presented in dark wood and wallpaper no music just silence and calm. The little bottles are classy and dark, little jars and bottles all lined up, No white in site! Then the staff, well, clean, mild, quiet. Know all their products, skin types and ingredients. Wow. Then i ran out of arms to test it on so the assistant started offering his arms for me to smell. And they smelt great! I love this stuff. Anyway. they keep your details so that next time you go in they know what products you have bought so you dont have to remember yourself which ones you like. Then upon leaving, the young man actually stepped around the counter and presented my bag to me with a little bow which wasnt at all corny. Then he opened the door for me and bowed me out. I left with a smile and a promise to save up so i can go back!


So, what did they do to get me hooked. they thought about their product. What makes people buy skin cream. Its luxurious, you use it after a long soothing bath or use it for massages. You dont want harsh lighting and shop assistants with far too much make up. You want flawless complexions and natural soft skined people. You want people to come in and leave within second with what they want, but not feel hurried. They want free stuff! Little draws filled with samples that they give you based on your skin type. They take all the stress out of it and you leave feeling rejuvinated. Then there is the product itself. No chemicles, no artificial ingredients. It says orange peel and sandle wood, thats what it smells like and thats whats in it. Quality packaging, metal tubes, glass jars and dark plastic bottles that scream, spa. They even thought about the receipt. A5, thick parchment with a beautiful printed back. I have used these before in photo frames is free prints.

This can carry over to the book world too though. People buy a book, like it but then what? They read your blog and laugh, then go away. Its not an experience. Its a once off. As authors we need to really think about our market. Emmerse your readers in the experience. Give our your heroines mix CD, her perfume, her favourate recipes. But dont stop there, what is the reading experience like. Can you provide soothing beach music on your website to carry people away whilst they read the scene in the sand. Whats the point of giving out bookmarks that will just rip and be thrown out. How about metal ones, Hand painted kindle covers. We as authors need to think about our image like a celebrity, some wont be seen outside without makeup, Lady gaga wont go grocery shopping without a costume on! Sure we write in our PJ’s but to our audience our careers are glamorous and exciting. Go all out for signings, take photos (even if they are staged) of you writing in a massage parlor with Fabio rubbing down your back, make the idea come alive and leave them wanting more!


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