I did a Tarot reading for myself last night, just a small one, three cards past, present and future. It wasnt good. My mother suggested reshuffling and trying again. I got the same cards! The first, past was fine, i am happy and healthy, the second was worrying. Apparently im confused and dont know which way is up. The third was upside down 4 of cups. How do i remember this, because its a horrible card! It basically said that what i think is going to happen will and it will cause termoil when it does.

I didnt like it.


So i drew what i call a ‘bonus’ card. i got death upside down. For those who dont when a card us upside down it usually means conflict, or you are unclear or in termoil. This card said that i knew the answer didnt want to admit it. The only problem was that I didnt know the question! Normally when you do a reading you have a question in mind to ask the cards. Because i did a general reading i didnt have a question. I feel like the mice in Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. I know the answer but dont know the question. It also said that I would shun authority and branch out on my own. As those who read my last post know im looking to quit my day job and become a full time writer. Could this be what it means? That i know i have to quit and follow my dreams. Well death im sorry but thats not going to happen any time soon.

Has anyone else had a bad future?