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With my friend Angela Castle just being announced as the author of the year at Whisky Creek Press i have been thinking of making a career out of writing. She revealed that she makes a comfortable living off her work (i hope she doesnt mind me sharing) and it has given me hope that i can do the same. Of course i am yet to sell a book but with the prospect currenly in the works i cant help but think it would be a wonderful career.

To give you some background i am a librarian who currently works for the public service. I hate it. Not being a librarian but i have fallen into the trap of many that i got promoted too high to enjoy it anymore. I no longer work with books, there is no fiction at all on our shelves and I spend all day on the computer. It sucks. My sister has long told me i am not cut out for the corporate world. I have to agree, if i cant see how my work will benefit people, i dont want to do it. Sadly thats basically what i do working for the government, i have no idea why i need to do what i do. Idealy i would go and work at a nice school library where i have access to physical books with pritty covers and get to work with people who are excited about the latest Harry Potter books coming out. Not if we will get the Master Tax guide next week…Unfortunatley this option is not financially viable. To leave i would have to take a large pay cut which i cant support myself on.

Back to writing. This sounds perfect for me. I can get up when i like and go shopping when the mood strikes me. I have no children to distract me or drive to soccor games (although the boy does play alot of soccor) so the day is my own. If i want to go to lunch with my sister for two hours, i can. If i want to go down the coast for the day, i can. Deadlines can be worked on in the middle of the night if i so choose. I can take my laptop to the beach, in the bath or in the kitchen with Nigella telling me to add more butter. Having worked for the government i am no stranger to deadlines. I actually like them! what i dont like is being told when i can work on them. I have also been told on several occasions that my skirt is too short (im a big girl it doesnt get higher than mid thigh people), I cant have bare shoulders, i have to wear flat shoes (OH&S) and that i surf the web too much. Working as an author i can wear nothing from the waist up if i so choose! This is of course excluding conferences and book signings lol

So do i want to be a stay at home Author, YOU BET!! Even if i have to work part time in that little school library on the side i wouldnt mind one bit.