I wrote a story. I sent it for critiquing. I cut, edited, cut and changed it to meet comments recieved and feedback. After submitting it to several publishers i edited it again, and again. Until finally it was half the length and i think, really great.


Last week i got a rather exciting email from a publisher to say that they loved it but wanted me to do some edits before they would offer a contract. You know what they told me. Make it longer and add chapters in my heros viewpoint…the exact thing that i was told previously to cut from my MS. So what do i do?? Do i add his view point or leave it as is? It wasn’t just one person who told me to cut it, but four or five! Then again these were readers, not publishers. I also found myself adding parts that i had previously cut, a whole character in this case, to fill gaps the publisher pointed out.

I cant deny i wouldnt have achieved interest from a publisher with out all of my editing and cuts, but frankly i think i should have kept a version of the original to steal previously cut parts back from. They werent bad ideas, just bad writing. A friend once told me to keep a ‘trash’ file for each story. When ever i cut more than a sentence, i had to paste it into this file incase i needed it again later. I only do this for longer stories. Now i really wish i had one for this, 15,000k story too 😦